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  • Fire Hats - Burny Safety Club - Red

    Fire Hats - Burny Safety Club - Red

    Kids will love these red plastic firefighter’s hats.

  • Junior Firefighter Costumes - Children Sizes

    Junior Firefighter Costumes - Children Sizes

    GET REAL GEAR. The most official looking bunker gear for kids anywhere. The Jr. Firefighter costume is available in black and tan. Both colours are sure to make little kids into big heroes.

  • Inflatable Fire Safety House

    Inflatable Fire Safety House

    This portable inflatable fire safety house is an interactive and, most of all, fun fire safety learning experience for the whole community.


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  • Burny Full Mascot Suit

    Burny Full Mascot Suit

    Full size high quality Burny the Firefighting Beaver Mascot suit will get the kids attention during any of your events or Fire Prevention Week open house!


We are devoted to quality bilingual Canadian fire prevention products and materials to the fire service. 

Always striving to provide Fire Prevention Officers, Educators, and fire departments throughout Canada, with the best products at the best possible prices to ensure your fire safety event or Fire Prevention Week open house is successful...Learn more

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Chimney Fires

In the same way that where there’s smoke, there’s fire: where there’s a chimney, there’s the possibility of a chimney fire. To make sure that this doesn't happen, maintenance is key. And if you can’t do it yourself, make sure to find a professional who can. Follow these steps to avoid an untimely visit from your local fire department.

- Have your chimney professionally inspected. A professional chimney sweep will not only clean your chimney but will inspect it to make sure the bricks and mortar are still in good shape. They will also inspect all parts of the chimney at the same time to ensure everything is in working order.

- Avoid softwoods. While it’s true that all wood burns, it is also true that softwoods contain sap, and that sap can stick to the sides of your chimney. That sap increases the rate of creosote that builds up, and creosote is extremely flammable.

- Use seasoned wood. We’re definitely not talking kitchen seasoning, here. Seasoned wood is wood that has been given enough time to dry out. Dry wood burns better and provides better heat. Non-seasoned wood has a harder time staying lit, and doesn't always burn completely, which can also cause a creosote build up.

- Install a chimney cap. If you don’t have a chimney cap, you need one now. Chimney caps will prevent things from getting into your chimney, like small animals, sticks, and rain. A chimney cap can also protect your roof from sparks that might make their way up the chimney with a mesh screen around the sides.

Remember; chimney fires are easily preventable. Maintenance done by a professional can keep you and your family safe throughout our colder months.

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