Burny The Firefighting Beaver

Burny the Firefighting Beaver MascotBurny the beaver has been involved in the fire service since 2005 after a tragic forest fire ravaged close to his home. 

As the fire was burning hot, he knew that he had to get to work and help. He quickly built a damn in a nearby stream to create a water source for the firefighters. 

Once the fire was extinguished, the Fire Chief thanked Burny for all of his hard work and offered him a job! Burny then became the Firefighting Beaver that we know today.

He is a proud Canadian and Canadian symbol in the fire service. He continues to work hard every day promoting fire safety and fire prevention. Let Burny help you to educate our communities and this wonderful country that we call home!




“Name the Firefighting Beaver Contest” was held in 2005 for the perfect name for our
Canadian Fire Prevention Ambasador. Congratulations Autumn Fillmore from the
Saint-Paul School for winning the grand prize.
The Official name of the Prevention Source mascot is Burny! This all Canadian
mascot is one that we can finally relate to.
Shown here are Mario Doiron, the Artist and member of the PSP Team with Autumn
Fillmore, winner of the contest.
Colouring Burny
Click on the images below and print to colour!